Monday, November 25, 2013

Christmas Around the World

Sometimes it's hard for children to see beyond their own immediate surroundings to realize that Christmas is a holiday that is celebrated in many countries all over the world!! 

While each of our own families have their own traditions regarding Christmas, what does it look like in other countries? Is Santa still Santa? Do children leave out stockings?

One way to tie in the holiday is by tying it in to other subjects via a research project. Using Writing, History, Geography, and more children can learn about this great holiday and how it's special and different to other children as well. 

I am including many research links below to help teach about Christmas around the World. While you may have your own ideas on how to present the information learned, feel free to also check out the Arts & Creativity and Tech Tools tabs on my Live Binder for sites that would help integrate technology into your projects. 


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  1. Everyone is going to be celebrated the Christmas day 2015 on Friday, December 2015. Merry Christmas. Children are the beauty and essence of Christmas



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