Sunday, June 30, 2013

June's Most Popular Posts

Here are the most popular posts during the month of June*: 

*Stats posted below were current as of June 27, 2013


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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Online Science Fun!

Kids love Science! While most kids prefer for it to be hands on, sometimes that's not always available. 
There are many ways to still get Science knowledge and learning without the setup and cleanup of materials, etc. 

Below are a few links to many fun online Science games for elementary and PreK children of all ages! 

I hope they are useful and fun! Enjoy! 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

TpT: $1 Sale!!

I've decided to drop the price of 5 of my TpT products to only $1 for today and tomorrow only: June 19-20! 
After that, they will return to full price. 
Stock up for next year! The links to the products are listed below.  
Happy Shopping! 

Fun Links & Summer Ideas

Lately I've come across a few game sites and some other fun summer kid ideas that I feel the need to share! We all know that kids can get bored over the summer months, so here's hoping these ideas and links will help out kids of all ages! 
Whether they enjoy technology or hands on activities, hopefully there is something here for everyone. 

Summertime Fun: Pinterest Board

Highlights Kids

Watermelon Activities

Room Recess: Educational Games

Friday, June 14, 2013

Online Resources to Help Avoid the "Summer Slide"

As a teacher, one of the big frustrations at the beginning of every school year, is having to reteach skills to students that were taught to them at the previous grade level. 

While it's nice to have summers off, it really can "hurt" students in terms of the academic knowledge that can be lost. 

It's vital to let parents know the importance of reading, practicing basic math facts, etc. during the summer months. The more they engage in these type of activities, the more they'll retain. 

Below are some links with great resources, tips, and online activities to help students avoid the Summer Slide. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Teachers vs. Summer

I know that like many of you I hate it when non-educators make it sound like teachers do not deserve to have the summer months off. As we all know, we put in more than a year's worth of work into 10 months' time! Many of us use the summer to plan, create new resources, work a side job, take classes, etc. 

Below are links to tips and ways to use your summer to its fullest!! While it's nice to have the time to begin preparing for the new school year, it's also important to take a break! 

I hope these links are helpful to many of you! Enjoy your Summer!!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Learn & Search

With today's vast resources online, it's become easier for teachers and educators to learn about the latest in education. Teachers learn best from each other and we always seem so willing to share our resources and expertise with one another. 

With that said, I am including links below to sites that will allow educators to search for great PD resources or education technology tools and resources. If you know of any others, please feel free to share. 



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