Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ready for the Year!

After many hours of hard work this week, I am officially ready to welcome students into my computer lab tomorrow! I am teaching K-4 this year, due to a huge student population increase (last year I was K-5). I am excited about this, even though I have to travel next door to our other building, the "middle" school, in order to teach my 4th graders. 

Below, I am posting a few pics of my classroom. I used Angry Birds and Social Media as my major theme this year. I hope you enjoy! 

Best of luck to everyone as you begin your new school year!

My Angry Birds "Volume Reminder Sign"  and more

Facebook Page bulletin board

Facebook Page bulletin board

New Computer Numbers

Word Wall

Sign to help the kiddos

Mini "Words with Friends" display

This year's schedule

Safe seat with some awesome signs that I found online


Twitter "Feed" a.k.a. My Objectives


  1. I love the mini Words With Friends and the Twitter board. Creative! Hope your year is going well!

  2. Thanks Mari!! After one full week, it's not too bad. There are things to improve though. You know how the school "runs".

  3. how exactly do you use the angry birds volume chart? It seems like a neat idea

  4. It's more like a reminder to the students. If the clip is on Green the volume is great. If the clip is on yellow then that's the class's warning to turn the volume down. If the clip moves to red they are too loud and they lose the privilege to talk at all. :-)



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