Sunday, April 27, 2014

BRIEF note...and a request! GIVEAWAY time...

Hello everyone!! I'm sorry for the LONG delay in posting. 
Here's the scoop: 

I took a new teaching job on in late February. I am teaching full time as a 2nd grade teacher at an inner city charter school in Kansas City. Thus, I've been VERY busy! 

It's been very hard to find time to blog. For that, I do apologize! 
You may ALWAYS continue to keep up with me, however, via TWITTER and FACEBOOK

Speaking of Facebook, my page recently hit 500 fans! YAY! Thanks everyone! 

I want to hold a BIG giveaway ASAP to celebrate, but I need some help. 

If you are able to donate any type of educational product, please visit the link below. I would greatly appreciate it! 

Thanks again everyone and I hope to post again soon! I will definitely post when the giveaway is up and running so...Stay tuned! 


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