Monday, June 11, 2012

Amazing Ed Tech-ers!

I love Ed Tech so much! I also just thoroughly enjoy Education. Guess I'm in the perfect career then right?
I am not only amazed at all the free technology tools out there, I am overwhelmed. Where do I start? What should I "play" with first? Which ones will my students most benefit from? I'm sure there are others who have these same questions, but what's the answer?
How do you decide which ed tech tools to use with your own students?
I find new tools all the time on Facebook pages, blogs, websites, and so much more. I would love to be able to try them all but that just isn't possible. 

I thought I would share some blogs and sites that I have recently found that are great for finding new Ed Tech ideas and resources. Please, share your thoughts and ideas by commenting below. You may also catch me on Twitter @MrsPEdTechTalk or on Facebook  by clicking HERE.

(someday I'd love to make this list)

(I also love their magazine!)

(I really like this blog)

(seriously one of my FAVORITE sites)

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