Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Great Bookmarking Tools

We all know that Pinterest is an AMAZING resource for educators. I know it definitely "sucks me in"! 

However, there are so many more bookmarking tools out that are also very helpful for Educators! 

My favorite one to use is Live Binders. I have created at least 4 of these binders so far (see my page on this blog). Their site is very user friendly and easy to organize. My students also find it easy to use. Not to mention, you also have the ability to find so many other amazing binders on their site as well. 

Previously, I used iKeepBookmarks. While this site is also fairly easy to use and organize, I stopped using it because it seemed as if the site either crashed too often or would "freeze up" as I was editing. However, for the most part, it is still a very good bookmarking tool. 

Below I am including a few more handing Bookmarking tools. If you have any others that you have used and also prefer, please let me know! Enjoy! 



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