Friday, August 17, 2012

Stickers & Rewards

Kids of all ages LOVE stickers! I'm an adult and I still like them!
In my computer lab, I give stickers out as rewards and also occasionally let kids pick something from my treasure box. It's important to reward students who are consistently doing the right thing.
However, things like good manners, etc. are something that should just happen and don't necessarily need a reward each time.
Everyone uses rewards differently in their classrooms or with their own kids at home. Kids love it and thrive on it!

Below are a few sites where you can find great selections of stickers and rewards!! I know that I also love to check out Target's dollar bins or the Dollar Store for items as well.

I hope everyone is starting off the new school year well! Happy Friday!


  1. Nowadays PrintRunner is working on stickers rewards you must have to join them for getting rewards. :)
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  2. My husband is 28 and still loves getting stickers from the doctor. She literally gives him a gold star whenever he goes in and has lost weight. He sticks them to the dashboard in his car and is getting quite the collection! :)



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