Monday, September 10, 2012

God Bless Kindergarten Teachers!

This year, I am teaching K-4 Computers. Last year, I taught grades K-5. Either way, Kindergartners wear me out sometimes!
I have nothing against those little cuties. They are eager to learn and absolutely LOVE playing on the computer! I honestly do not know how Kindergarten teachers keep up with them all day! God Bless them! I only have them once a week for 45 min. and they often can wear me out.
I get a mixed bag when Kindergartners come into my lab for the first time. Some know what a computer is and how to work it, most likely because they've used one somewhere before. Others barely know what a computer is.
This year it seems I have even more students who don't understand the correlation between how moving the mouse also moves the pointer on the screen. Then there's the whole issue of making sure they know left from right so that they will click the correct mouse button.
This year, I got smarter! I took a silver Sharpie marker, and I drew a Star on the left mouse button for every single computer. It's helping so much! I've also seen a small sticker placed on that button before, and that seems to help, too.
We really work hard at just the basics of learning how to use the mouse and how to navigate the Internet. It sometimes takes a few weeks, but they usually do learn quickly.
I am including some great online activities for Kindergarten. Of course, many of these can be used at other grades, too. I hope these are useful. Enjoy!!

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