Friday, September 14, 2012

Math + Technology= Fun!

Math can be a subject that many kids struggle with. It's always one that I liked to "jazz up" any way that I could when I was a classroom teacher.

Nowadays, integrating technology into your math lessons or as a supplement, can really be helpful for both student engagement and  enhancing skills.

Create a Graph is a fantastic tool to use either in the classroom or in the computer lab. It allows students to create graphs of all shapes, sizes, and types. They have to enter their own labels and data as well. This would be a fantastic tool to use during a graphing unit. Of course, graphs are also found in other subject areas such as Science or Social Studies, so this site could be a useful supplement for those as well.

Math Game Time is an EXCELLENT site to use in the classroom! Not only are there worksheets and online games available, but there are also videos. This site is also nice because it is broken down by grade levels. These could be used as part of a lesson, or as supplemental items. This would even be a great site to use in Math Centers.

 Count Us In has great games and activities to use for various Math concepts and grade levels. The students will enjoy the games while the teachers will find many useful ideas. Again, these games would be great in a Math Center!

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  1. I blogged about the importance of strengthening students' mathematical skills yesterday! Wish I would have seen this! Great resources.



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