Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pinteresting Digraphs...and a Request

Recently I began tutoring a little girl. She is super sweet! It seems that one of the main areas that I am seeing her struggle with are digraphs (blends). Thus, I decided to look up some great resources to help me help her. Below are links to many Pinterest resources regarding Digraphs.
However, if you know of any more ideas or resources, please let me know. I would love to hear them!
I also have a request. This is my 199th Blog post! The blog has also now officially hit over 30,000 views!! Thank you so much to all of you who read and support this blog. I could not have done it without you!
I will be posting a BIG giveaway to celebrate these milestones, before April ends. However, I am need of more contributions. Please click the link below if you are willing to contribute in any way. I thank you all in advance!
Have a wonderful day!



  1. Congratulations on reaching this milestone. I would love to contribute to your giveaway. I have filled in your form.

    Charlene/Diamond Mom

  2. Thank you so much Charlene!! I truly appreciate it and please let me know if I can ever return the favor!



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