Monday, October 14, 2013

Don't Be A Bully!

I hate bullying! I hate all kinds of bullying! I do not like the fact that this issue is increasingly becoming more and more of a serious problem in our society. I worry for my own kids as well as all kids that I know and love. 

Bullying is mean, hurtful, dangerous, unnecessary, demeaning, cowardly, and just plain DUMB! I have already begun to instill into my own kids that bullying will not be tolerated. Whether they are bullied themselves or they become a bully, I will not tolerate it! 

Bullying has had some serious repercussions in recent times. Some kids even go as far as taking their own lives because of being bullied so severely. It's time to make this epidemic STOP! 

It's gone too far and we all need to work together to educate everyone about why bullying is not okay, how to stop it, what to do if it happens, and how to recover from it. 

Just because bullying is mostly seen in a school setting, does not mean that it does not exist in the adult world as well. 

ALL BULLYING is NEVER OKAY! Let's take a stand. 

Below are many resources for educating people of all ages on this disturbing trend. 

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