Monday, October 21, 2013

QR Code Fun!

I have never personally used QR Codes in a classroom setting but I do find that concept very interesting! I think that with as popular as QR Codes are in today's world, incorporating them into an educational setting just makes sense. 

Now, in order for any QR activity to work, you would need enough QR readers available for student use. This could prove to be a challenge since sometimes that technology is not available. Also, most likely younger students wouldn't necessarily have SmartPhones on them as frequently as older students would. 

Still, there are so many fun ways to utilize this technology. To find QR reader apps for SmartPhones, you can try one of the following sites: 

To create your own QR codes, try one of the following sites below: 
Once you've explored these sites, feel free to create your own fun! If you'd like to try out an activity using QR codes, before you begin creating your own, try out these FREE Resources listed below! Enjoy! 

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