Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Be Organized!

Yeah, so I am definitely one that is guilty of having that "Organized Mess" on my desk. However, it's really only as the day progresses. I always organize it and clean it up before leaving for the day, so that I can start fresh the next day.

We all know how messy the students' desks can be, too!! When I taught in the classroom, it would just astound me how quickly some desks would get cluttered inside. Now that I teach K-5 computers, this is not an issue for me, luckily.

However, I am including some great organization ideas below. One of the ideas is shown to be something you can do to help organize at home, but I can totally see it also being applicable to the classroom.

You're Under Arrest!

Tips for a Clear Desktop

DIY Organizer

Room Pictures

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