Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fun Printables and Rewards

I always try to change up the rewards that I have each class work towards for their good behavior in my Computer Lab. I don't want the students to lose interest in acting responsibly.

One common one that I try to rotate often, is a Game Day. The students love it! They are allowed to play any online games as long as they are not violent. I have many sites saved to my bookmark site.

I have also used a reward called "Free Seats". This allows the students to sit anywhere they like for one computer session. However, I still reserve the right to move people as needed.

A new one that I've also tried, is "Fun Stations". Basically, depending on the grade level, they are allowed to play games online, color pre-printed coloring sheets, play card games, do origami, etc. I have the stuff set out ahead of time. They really enjoy having some options.
Here is the link for my "Fun Stations" document (complete with links to resources). It is from my TpT site:

I am also including three other fun links to Printables or Fun Ideas to use with children. Enjoy!!

More Coloring


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