Monday, November 26, 2012

Few Quick Notes

I hope everyone enjoyed their long Thanksgiving weekend! I know I did.

Thanks for being a follower and reader of this blog! In less than 11 months it has had over 15,000 views and has over 60 official followers! Thank you so much!

I can't wait to see what the future holds for this blog and all of my other sites!
(See my Social Media Links Page at the top of this blog)

I also wanted to share this great infographic that I found online today. It really is eye opening:

 One more note, I am working on a couple of guest blogs on other sites. The first will be on my friend Mari's blog, Mind  Full of Literacy. Stay Tuned!!
Enjoy your Monday everyone and Happy TpT & Cyber Monday Shopping!


  1. Look for your guest post on Friday! I'm super excited to have you as my first guest blogger!!!

  2. YAY! I can't wait! Thank YOU for asking me to guest blog! I may ask you for the same favor someday! ;-)



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