Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My First PD Presentation

On October 26th, I was honored (and nervous) to give a Professional Development presentation for the first time ever in my career! I have never liked public speaking, but I am definitely okay speaking in front of kids.
Me: Presenting in front of my colleagues, 10.26.12
I was asked by an administrator to present a session on Educational Technology. I chose to title my session, "Free Tech Tools & Tips for the Classroom". I was speaking to a group of K-8 teachers and administrators.
All of my teaching experience is at the elementary level, so I had to make sure I incorporated tools and tips that the secondary teachers could use as well.
I will be presenting a follow up session in January, so I plan to find even more tools that can be integrated across all subjects, grades K-8. If you have any ideas, feel free to share your favorites here!

Below I am including a few links from my presentation, as well as a Rafflecopter link! Please enter to win a copy of my presentation!

Thanks everyone!


  1. I love learning about new tech tools...especially free ones!

  2. I bet you were fantastic! Way to go!

  3. Thanks for entering Meredith!!

    Thanks for the positive comment, Mari. :-)



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