Sunday, September 30, 2012

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Thanks again to everyone for making this quarter on TpT my biggest one ever!! I truly appreciate the support! 

Here's to a WONDERFUL October! 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Happy Birthday, Johnny Appleseed!

Apples are such a great topic for Fall! It's only fitting that Johnny Appleseed himself happens to have a birthday during Fall.
Apples are loved by many and the story of Johnny Appleseed is one that most children enjoy. This tall tale was always one that I also enjoyed as a child.
I hope that you will share this tale and more with your students and children. Below, I am including many links to help teach about both apples and Johnny Appleseed.
I may not be able to teach much about this great topic in the computer lab, but I do plan to mention it to my own children at home.
Enjoy an apple today in honor of Johnny!

Monday, September 24, 2012

TpT Freebies: Halloween & October

It's hard to believe that this is the last full week of September! Where does the time go?
I personally love this time of the year! I enjoy the sights, smells, and activities that Fall can bring.
In honor of the upcoming month, below are some links to some great freebies from Teachers Pay Teachers.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ahoy, Me Mateys!

Today is "International Talk Like a Pirate Day"! I think this is a fun and somewhat hilarious day. It would be a good day to do some fun pirate themed activities with students.
I am including a few links below to help celebrate this day.
Enjoy ye day!



Friday, September 14, 2012

Math + Technology= Fun!

Math can be a subject that many kids struggle with. It's always one that I liked to "jazz up" any way that I could when I was a classroom teacher.

Nowadays, integrating technology into your math lessons or as a supplement, can really be helpful for both student engagement and  enhancing skills.

Create a Graph is a fantastic tool to use either in the classroom or in the computer lab. It allows students to create graphs of all shapes, sizes, and types. They have to enter their own labels and data as well. This would be a fantastic tool to use during a graphing unit. Of course, graphs are also found in other subject areas such as Science or Social Studies, so this site could be a useful supplement for those as well.

Math Game Time is an EXCELLENT site to use in the classroom! Not only are there worksheets and online games available, but there are also videos. This site is also nice because it is broken down by grade levels. These could be used as part of a lesson, or as supplemental items. This would even be a great site to use in Math Centers.

 Count Us In has great games and activities to use for various Math concepts and grade levels. The students will enjoy the games while the teachers will find many useful ideas. Again, these games would be great in a Math Center!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Giveaway...extended 2 more days!!

Again, thanks to you all for the support with this blog! It means the world to me!
My Giveaway has been extended 2 more days!! I have 5 giveaways going on.
I worked really hard to set these up as a thank you to my fans and readers. I am, however, disappointed by the lack of entries. I really want to give these fabulous prizes out!
Please, please take the time to look over the contest and enter? Thanks again for the 10,000 views on this blog!
Click HERE to get to the Rafflecopters for the giveaway! Contest ends this Saturday evening, September 15th.
Have a great day!


Ed Tech-ing It!

I truly do have a passion for Educational Technology!
 I love to read how teachers are using technology in the classroom. I love to find new and exciting free tech tools to use with my own students. Not to mention, the students truly LOVE using the computer!
However, where can someone go online to find even more great ideas in Ed Tech? Check out these links below. They include lists or links to some AMAZING Ed Tech sites! If you know of one that is not on this list, please share?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

15 Top Tips Bloggers Can Use For A More Engaging Blog | Spice Up Your Blog

I LOVE reading all of the many wonderful blogs out there! In fact, there are so many amazing ones that it's impossible to read them all.
This article has some great tips for Blogging. As a first year blogger myself, I found this article to be very helpful! Blogging and Social Media are not my primary, full time job, although I would LOVE for them to be someday. I thoroughly enjoy the experience and I love sharing and learning about the field of Education.
I am not perfect by any means in regards to my blogging and social media journey, as I am still learning. I am always searching for new ideas to help me out or share along the way. Thank you to those of you who seem to have this processed mastered and are a great inspiration to us all!!
If you have any blogging or social media ideas, words of advice, or feedback please share? I'd LOVE to hear from you!
Thank you for being a reader and follower! Enjoy the article!

Monday, September 10, 2012

God Bless Kindergarten Teachers!

This year, I am teaching K-4 Computers. Last year, I taught grades K-5. Either way, Kindergartners wear me out sometimes!
I have nothing against those little cuties. They are eager to learn and absolutely LOVE playing on the computer! I honestly do not know how Kindergarten teachers keep up with them all day! God Bless them! I only have them once a week for 45 min. and they often can wear me out.
I get a mixed bag when Kindergartners come into my lab for the first time. Some know what a computer is and how to work it, most likely because they've used one somewhere before. Others barely know what a computer is.
This year it seems I have even more students who don't understand the correlation between how moving the mouse also moves the pointer on the screen. Then there's the whole issue of making sure they know left from right so that they will click the correct mouse button.
This year, I got smarter! I took a silver Sharpie marker, and I drew a Star on the left mouse button for every single computer. It's helping so much! I've also seen a small sticker placed on that button before, and that seems to help, too.
We really work hard at just the basics of learning how to use the mouse and how to navigate the Internet. It sometimes takes a few weeks, but they usually do learn quickly.
I am including some great online activities for Kindergarten. Of course, many of these can be used at other grades, too. I hope these are useful. Enjoy!!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

10,000 Blog Views...GIVEAWAY!

Thank you again to everyone that follows this blog, follows me on Twitter, and/or follows my Facebook page! As a fairly new blogger, the support means so much!

This blog started in January of this year and it has already reached 10,000 views!! I am amazed and honored.

To help celebrate, I am holding a BIG giveaway! Check out the options below. 

The Giveaway will run through Thursday, September 13. Good luck and thanks again! 

Giveaway #1

I will be giving 2 winners all of the following products (which can be found in my TpT store)
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I will be giving 2 winners all of the following products (which can be found in my TpT store)
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Giveaway #3
Thank you so much to Carolyn at The Wise Owl Factory for her donations to this giveaway! She is donating $10 of her products from her TpT store to one lucky winner! You pick 'em, she'll email them to you! 

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Thank you again everyone!! 

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